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Make sure you read the rules first and are okay with them, since they will be enforced.

Then try to convince us why we should invite you and how we will benefit from doing so – and of course how you expect to benefit from joining us.

Trying to get some parties with us, so we can see how you play will help the process along quickest. For that reason, also state what timezone you are from and around what time we can usually expect you to be online.

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  1. Motions

    Hey, Evan here :)

    I’m 23, from the uk and just enjoy having a good laugh and playing around on rappelz :D

    I have recently transferred from unicorn over to undine, and am enjoying my time here :P
    Hopefulyl can speak to some of you guys ingame, I left rappelz back in e8.3 or 9.1 but now im back :)

    1. Toothfairy

      Nice to meet you Evan!

      Welcome back to the game, please don’t hesitate if you have any questions!

      I enjoyed the dungeon parties we already had together, so welcome to moderated guild aswell. ^^

  2. Sorabji

    Hello out there, I am Ben from Australia!

    I have played on and off since e3 BrooklynZoo (retired) on Salamander if you are an oldie I’m sure we played once together :) I also played as an Overlord RareGift (160). I love merchanting up rappelz and still sit on Mardi Gras loot i endless grinded during that legendary event (there might be some sickness named for this kind of hoarding for years on end?). I have returned to this game after a little break about a month ago and started a new character Sorabji, a Corruptor (154). I miss the old days of a good guild and very hard to find a good gang now, hope you will accept me!

    1. Toothfairy

      Hi there!

      Did you read the rules & think you can abide by them? Do you have Skype / Teamspeak to stay in touch with?

      Your name rings a bell, but a very quiet one and I’d love to chat with you and figure out whether I can actually find some memories somewhere. =)

      1. Sorabji

        Hello Toothfairy,

        I have used Teamspeak before for Rappelz and I have Skype set up. I have read the rules yes and happy to follow. I’m happy to have a chat here, in game or wherever else, coffee at a Paris Cafe sounds lovely (if only -_-). I hung around Ascension guild for a while, those crazy sexuality deprived lot aaha nah they where cool ;)

        1. WarlordAlexander Post author

          Ascension… a part of me recalls that guild having had pk drama every now and then unless I’m confusing names… spelled with a capital N at the end of the name, red’ish logo?

          Anyway, we aren’t a PvP guild (as you probably read in the rules) and like to stay out of all the silly wars on the server… since I just can’t remember anything beside your names about you I thought maybe I should ask if you were into PvP / hori drama or if that was never a thing anyway ;-)

          1. Sorabji

            Hi WarlordAlexander,

            I really am not into PVP since there is no real benefits to it for the game. I never feel the need to prove myself or argue with people in game, in real life for things that are important that’s a different matter though! Yes the top members of Ascension would PvP and talk a lot of trash and this really escalated when Cube dragged on as being the only thing to do, I guess during that period a lot of end game players were bored out of their wits. I ended up joining them because I used to Dp a lot with them (and enjoyed their dirty humor lol) but I wasn’t into the PVP tussles they had with various guilds. I don’t mind watching people fight sorta like a trainwreck sometimes, but I don’t ever get into fights myself and it really doesn’t bother me if someone kills me (I had a lot of training in that when I played OLs lol).

          2. Toothfairy

            Hi there!

            Back in the days Ascenion regularely cleared HC dungeons, no matter who else was inside / killing at spots. Was a bit hard to stomache, as a lot of precious SS and Amplifiers had been wasted and those guys considered it cool to kill other people’s fun / group activities.

            If PvP really isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t mind adding you to the guild.

          3. Sorabji

            I haven’t managed to catch you guys in game, I’ve added you WarlordAlexander and Toothfairy to my friends list I wasn’t 100% if those where the names you used on the game though.

          4. Toothfairy

            Tried to catch you in-game, but you being from Australia, prolly the furthest away timezone of all, it’ll be tricky. ;)

          1. Sorabji

            Ah yes I forgot you where Emperor :) Aww toothfairy I am often an a night bird so hopefully we catch up some time in game!

  3. gentleman

    Hey everyone! I’m an old player from Sally, and this used to be the toon I merchant on a fair bit.

    I’m levelling it up to a Merc now, and atm i’m 153!

    Would love to take a look inside this vault of information & join you guys for some parties :D

  4. MrsQuayjay

    Hi Hi,

    I’m MrsQuayjay, 38 yr old, married mother of 3 wonderful children.

    “You don’t need to be full +20 feral to join. But if you aren’t prepared to improve on both gearset and gameplay, consider joining another guild.”

    My gear well exceeds this guideline.

    “If you make mistakes, we will tell you. And expect you to learn from them or give us a good reason why you won’t.”

    Mistakes are made, we are human. Its how you respond to those mistakes that reveals your true nature.

    “The leaders wife is a crazy btch. She will chaperone everyone and write reminders for everything. Feel free to blocklist her, but insulting her may get you kicked.”

    Me to, we should get along great =)

    “Gavriil belongs to toothy, keep your hands off.”

    I have no idea what this refers to, so I’m sure it wont be a problem.

    “If you know you will be inactive, tell us. If you don’t, expect to be kicked after a few weeks. When you return and we have free slots left, you can get a reinvite.”

    Not a issue, even willing to give 1 senior member my phone number to avoid issues.

    “No guild drama. If you can’t get along, feel free to block those you can’t stand. Make it the problem of everyone and you will be kicked.”

    This is the exact reason I’m wanting to join this guild. I have been receiving multiple invites and my primary question is always the same. Is joining your guild going to impact my gameplay in a negative manner. The usual answer is always a list of other guilds that they are in conflict with.

    “No PK drama. If you drag hori field into our dungeon parties, expect a gkick.”

    My account is over 8 years old and has a perfect score of 0/0 PKs/Slaughters. I don’t enjoy the PK aspect of rappelz at all. Although, I will NOT walk away from a fight or ask others to get involved. I’m quite capable of handling myself on the battlefield or anywhere else for that matter.

    “Official guild chat language is english.”

    Only language I speak.

    “Official teamspeak server language is english, but there is a german channel and channels for other languages spoken by guild members will be opened when requested by 2+ members of the guild.”

    I do not regularly participate in VOIP, with that being said, i may pop in from time to time to say hi. As a married women, with a rather provocative occupation, voip rooms often end in conversations that make me uncomfortable.

    “This guild is not a democracy.”

    I’m just looking for drama free, it can be a complete dictatorship for all I care as long as its dictated towards a drama free environment.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    1. Terrific

      Quay is nice, super active, and sells fairly priced items :)

      What happens after she hits 170 idk though!

    2. Toothfairy

      Hi Quayjay,

      the few parties we had together, we sort of clashed. I don’t know whether it was just us having bad days or whether we’re generally incompatible. I guess the future will tell.

      1. MrsQuayjay

        I’m a Exotic Dancer. Enough on that topic.

        I clash with people in parties that don’t pull their weight. Its the norm for me to pop 2-3 billion in CS consumables in almost every party, Terrific can attest to this. I’m actually very understanding of new players and give away billions to help these guys. I’m NOT understanding of veteran players on new alts, that name drop their main, as a defense to their inability to properly play their alt. The name dropping in defense instantly changed my attitude on “MY” lost bottles from “Concerned Mentor” to “Irritated Veteran”

        Shit happens, move on, get past it. Me and Terrific clash now and then to, sometimes I’m not pulling my weight as healer, although I like to think of us as pretty good friends as much as we party together, there is times he gets irritated with me for slacking off and he lets me know.

        A little about my class. I’m a 169 Cardinal but without sounding arrogant a “Special” Cardinal. What makes me special is my TP build and my ability to use this build in a hybrid role. In parties I usually play the role of primary healer while simultaneously dealing out AOE damage equal to and often greater then the primary damage dealer. With a build of 2/1/2 and UG/Circus gear in the +21 to +24 range my AOE effectiveness is around 8 million damage every 6 seconds while at the same time spamming out over 100k “bounce” HP on everyone in the party every 4 seconds.

        1. WarlordAlexander Post author

          … Exotic Dancer …

          That’s all? My dad works for Europes biggest bank, my main client is an insurrance broker group, so let’s not talk about whats more provocative these days *scnr*

          For all I recall seraphic has a maximum of 8 targets though and it includes pets + unlike healing gust it can rebounce to targets it already healed, so everyone in the party doesn’t sound quite right ;-) your tp set certainly sounds interesting, though I have to admit to some doubts of it’s efficiency :D

          Guess it might be interesting to have someone in guild less diplomatic than toothy *eg*

          1. MrsQuayjay

            You are NOT correct, it bounces 10 times (because I use skill modifiers) but that is besides the point as that is not the only skill I was referring to, to achieve healing efficiency. My minor restoration has a effective time that is greater then its recharge time which allows minor restoration to be active at all times. I haven’t seen a Oracles “Major Restoration” yet that distributes more HP then my minor. Add a perfect stage 2 tier 3 mephisto healer by my side with with +20 circus/ug and his dual 8 sec heals , lv 32+7 rapid healing and the few others I have and to be technical I was probably under estimating the actual amount of HP I distribute during the time frame. Its not the amount of HP I distribute that makes my avatar a special build anyway. Its the ability to successfully spam all this health along with massive target heals on the primary damage dealer while at the same time rolling as full DD in the party. To further enhance all of this I cast +60 blessing buffs, these are level 18+6

            Without trying to be argumentative, I don’t think you have any idea what a Cardinal can actually do when they have the resources that I do at my disposal. I was playing around with resetting my TP the other day, it was pretty interesting. Solo in cube I was spamming 2.1 million damage per shot with Artic Blast. Of course I lost all my AOE heals to have AB so I changed my TP back to 2/1/2.

            I’m not the 1st person to try this build (2/1/2) I have spoke to a few other veteran players that gave it a shot for awhile and failed. The mana consumption is through the roof, I spend the entire party balancing recharge times on my mana consumables. I wouldn’t play any other way though now, I’m addicted to my Cardinals abilities.

            Not sure why I’m even arguing or attempting to explain all of this, regardless of whether my numbers may be off a little here and there, I’m always still a 1st pick for most parties seeking a healer or DD.

            If I’m not going to fit in, just tell me, I only applied because I was told this Guild had good Veteran players and there was no drama between this guild and others. At the end of the day, when it comes to rappelz, my primary focus is the number displayed in the top left corner. Everything else either compliments that number or impedes its advancement. 113 to 169 in 4 months, I must be doing something right =)

          2. WarlordAlexander Post author

            I’d love to know how you get 10 bounces when I can’t get more than 8 with level 12 – is there another way to raise it beside DT buff and Circus belt? You should need level 14 or 15 for that, so what am I missing?

            That aside, the whole point of this questioning is finding out if you fit into the guild or not, since none of us really know you. If this offends you then maybe you really don’t.

    3. MrsQuayjay

      Yeah you are definitely missing something but at this point I don’t see what it matters. I’m being told by sources that I’m not going to be accepted anyway and basically I’m just being trolled at this point. I’m not big on conflicts and would rather find a guild that has the ability to see past a narrow minded 1st impression and recognize a good addition to their ranks.

      I wish you and your guild the best of luck in your future Rappelz adventures.


      1. GrimmJ0W

        hmm i think i seen this post too late, i would love mrs to join guild, been playing with her in the last weeks and i know is a nice dd/healer, definetly she knows how to play her class and even more on a cardi without ab skill


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