Guild member appreciation event

As I guess we are all more than aware, guild activity is not exactly at it’s best – yet some of us are still here and holding out for better times.

We also have a guild bank that, while not extremely rich, isn’t exactly empty either.

Currently we have about 12b Rupees, a mediocre collection of arena pieces and potions, a nice amount of GMFB, some teardrops, some empty and tamed pets (including up to t5 pets, but no soulpets at the moment) and lots of other stuff that the one or other guildmember might consider useful.

Therefore I was thinking we may as well use these things in order to say “thank you” to all those who are still with us.

My current approach would be that anyone who feels like there might be something along the lines of “always wanted to have but was never willing to spend cash on it” should write their wishes here – and then we’ll see what we can do about it.

Examples that you won’t need to bother with: Belt WD, Belt Drillbot, +20 Gears and other things slightly to expensive especially when considering that ideally everyone gets something.

To give a rather practical example of things that would fit perfectly well: Gavriil mentioned not having any vit tds in her gear, instead she has been using polished stones for quite a while. While this specific example is now fixed already anyway, it might give you an idea where this is going.

Stuff you might want to ask for: Soulstones, Arena Consumables, CS Consumables (within reason), T3-T5 pets (probably not soulpets), Skillcards.

Also I wouldn’t mind using some of what we have for guild events, assuming someone has suggestions that we can make happen with tolerable effort ;-)

Taming Rate Calculator

Taming rate: select rarity, taming level and +card to show your chance of success.

Chance of success:

May not be entirely accurate for soulpets (lacking sufficient data there) and I am fairly sure creature taming scrolls always count as 20+0 and ignore your card (but not entirely sure, I’m afraid).

Taming Rates T1-T6

Taming Rates

Source of the image: Arab Servers, tested by one of their GMs WAY back. According to my long-term-tame-stats, it seems to be a fairly accurate aproximation of what we really have.

Derived from that, the following formula for taming rates can be used:
Unique: 1% + 0.07% * skill + 0.04% * card
Special: 1.51% + 0.104% * skill + 0.06%*card
Rare: 2% + 0.14% * skill + 0.08% * card
Special Basic: 7% + 0.49% * skill + 0.28% * card
Basic: 25% + 1.75% * skill + 1% * card
NPC Basic: fuq you.

Kinda lazy right now, but I may add a calculator for any given rarity, card and skill level at some point… for all those that consider maths something impossibly hard ;-)

Also this means my level 14+5 taming gives me an impressive 2.18% taming chance on death tyrants, wds or arena pet.

Even assuming the best believable interpretation of the summoning scrolls adding +50%, that would most likely be “half again”, so 3.27%… yay, totally likely I’ll go 2/5 on drillbots if I try, right?

M1 Impending Siege 03/15


With an attack time of 2 minutes 38 seconds and no other challengers it is expected we will be sieging Relics of Arid Moonlight 1 this weekend against the “AlianzaElite” alliance headed by Alewolf.

This is the same dungeon we owned previously before welcoming “Charm” and “ShadesOfDarkness” into our alliance (cleverly called: Locked ;D) and is not expected to be a difficult siege. The challenge will be destroying their rock as fast as possible and perhaps making sure none of them make it through to our rock as well since the things are so weak.

Maximum number for M1 siege is 16 people, but everyone should try to make it out there as it also helps give us an idea of who may be available to take on larger dungeons in the future. You can find out what time the siege will be by using this which WarlordAlexander put together for us.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Guild Bank: State, Plans & Call for Suggestions

Current content of the guild bank account

Our Guild Bank mentioned here currently has about 150 million rupees from the duration we owned m1.

It also has the following items available:

  • an extensive collection of beltsets (pretty much every item for every beltset at least once)
  • some primal/careful/frantic gears for different classes to get people started on new alts (not much so far)
  • a mid-sized collection of rapid gears (most of it r7 t1-t3 temple set items I got dropped on farming Ilrois)
  • a stack of pretty much every relevant polished soulstone (no pierce/ignore/blockdef ones)
  • level 140 movement speed / critpower / vitality soulstones
  • an assortment of level 20-120 soulstones of varying rarity (with a tendency to combine non-epics in stacks of 10)
  • a small collection of basic teardrop soulstones [see below]
  • some r7 defense cubes to enchant excessive gears at some point and offer better starting gears to new toons
  • one small quilted bag (the rest is used by the banks toons)
  • some basic lootpets (non-boss ones from login events and coupons mostly)
  • a few r7 t2 temple set devouring/ruthless items, including a +8 mage armor with stones ranging from 140 epic to teardrops socketed in them
  • primal/frantic/decisive boar’s rings
  • careful/frantic/intense/decisive ghost’s rings
  • some blue- and red pixies low staged
  • lots of skillcards for lots of classes, many +3 and higher
  • stuff I forgot or just missed out on when writing the list
  • … whatever any of you decide to donate to it or give in exchange for what you take?

Where the bank gets stuff from

The biggest share of the current content of the guild bank account comes from me (Alex) donating it. Hopefully over time I will be able to instead say “us” at this point and have to many names involved to list them here.
Essentially, if you don’t need it, feel to lazy to sell it and don’t need the essences from dismantling it either, feel free to trade it to the bank. Of course useful gear will be appreciated much more than pure dismantle- and durafood.

And then taking things from the bank is best for all, when you are giving something of equal, comparable or higher value in return for the items you get.

Also While this approach may not be the standard one, we won’t distribute dungeon money, but will instead try to use it to buy things that will be needed by guild members on a regular basis for making alts, changing gearsets/rebirthing or improving on their equipments, which will then be distributed on a per-need-basis.

How do I get stuff now?

A possible approach to distribution of items from the guild bank.

Just ask for it, but do it properly.

If there is an item in the guild bank you believe should go to you, because you either need it or believe you can give something of appropriate value in return, even in case you just really want to have something, you write a request for the item(s) in question that should contain the following information:
– item(s) you want
– reason why you want said item(s)
– item(s) or rupees you are willing to give in return for it

Obviously selling the stuff off on the auction house right away is not considered a valid reason for giving you anything at all.
And of course you can always pm me, gavriil, toothy or inso ingame and just ask for an item there – but even then you will be expected to post a pro-forma-request here for everyone to see, in order to discourage misuse of guild resources.


  • If you are poor and just returned from getting hacked, free primal gears won’t be an issue, but when fortuna shines on you again, don’t forget who helped you get back on your feet and consider donating what you can spare so other guildies in trouble will have the same kind of support.
  • For every (rare/polished) soulstone you take, consider donating 1-10m cash as a token of appreciation for the service. It’s probably nowhere near what you’d pay on buying them and will be another step for us to grow in strength.
  • The same obviously is appreciated on gears taken from the bank, especially when you can’t afford any donations of an appropriate value for the item taken.
  • Teardrops will only be given out in exchange for other teardrops. P.Pierce and P.ignore teardrops do not count (and you can have them for free if there are any, too). For Teardrop Guardian Stones 2 other stones should be donated to reflect the ratio of availability. For Teardrop blur- or annihilation stones, if the bank happens to get some, just go with the standard procedure and make an offer you consider fair on the guild and affordable for you.

Where to request?

I will sooner or later add a better request system to the site – for now just post your requests as comment to this post.

Making suggestions

I don’t like what you’re doing and know how to make it better (or maybe just want to tell you how much you rock)

Feel free to post suggestions for improvement, random opinions and emotional statements on having a system like this or even reasons why we should do something else entirely as comments to this post.

Guild bank

Guild Bank created

We now have a guild bank account with separate toons for the collection of skillcards (one per race), soulstones and other stuff.
It is planned to use this account to support guild members in creating new alts or boosting the power of existing actively played toons.
In order to do this, the money gained from owning a dungeon (once we do) will go there, but of course any donations will also help the cause.

Toons on the account are the following

  • Moderated – collects everything that doesn’t fit on one of the others
  • ModeratedStones – Soulstones of all kinds
  • ModeratedAsura – Asura Skillcards
  • ModeratedGaia – Gaia Skillcards
  • ModeratedDeva – Deva Skillcards
  • ModeratedRapid – Running gears

Getting stuff from the bank

If you need anything listed to be on the guild bank or have a request you hope may be available there, pm me or one of the other officers ingame – for the time being, however, there isn’t much of a collection yet.
For teardrop soulstones it will usually be expected for you to give one for every one you take (e.g. you have an STR Teardrop but need a DEX, you give the STR and take the DEX).
Other gears and skillcards it would be nice, if you consider donating some cash or other gears/skillcards in return for what you get – however, there are no set prices and if you are poor and have an actual need for something, you can probably get it for free.

Renting stuff from the bank

It is planned to have a collection of gear suitable to “powerlevel” alts from r1 to MC. Once that is prepared, you will be able to rent these gears for a low fee (goes to the bank, not to me!)

Taking loans

While taking guild loans may be possible sooner or later, currently the bank doesn’t have any money to give out yet.

Siege times

Next siege for dungeon is at [assuming your timezone is GMT].

Teamspeak Information

Teamspeak Information

Teamspeak can be reached with the following access data:
Server password: kokonzotai

Serverlink: ts3server://

Once you are registered as a [guild] member or a [reg]ular visitor, you can connect without the passwort from any teamspeak client you use the ID that has been registered on.

The password may be given out to non-guildmembers, just don’t shout it out on globalchat or stuff like that – I don’t rly feel like changing the password all the time.

Ingame /commands

Ingame /commands [to be entered in chat]


  • /add_denial $name (adds person to blocklist)
  • /add_friend $name (adds person to friendlist)


  • /pcreate $NAME (creates Party)
  • /pinvite $nick (invites a Player)
  • /pkick $nick (kick the specific Player)
  • /ppromote $nick (changes Party-Leader)
  • /pdestroy (terminates a Party)

Guild & Alliance


  • /ginvite $nick (invites Player to Guild)
  • /gkick $nick (kick the specific Player from Guild)
  • /gpromote $nick (changes Guild-Leader)
  • /gdestroy (terminates Guild)


  • /gainvite NAME (invites a Guild to the Alliance)
  • /gakick NAME (kick a Guild from the Alliance)
  • /galeave (leave Guild from the Alliance)
  • /gadestroy (terminates an Alliance)


  • /screate NAME (create Siege Party – must be Guild Master and have a Time Attack applied)
  • /sinvite_gp $nick (create another Siege Party by making your Guild member the Party Leader)
  • /sinvite_hp $nick (create another Siege Party by making your Guild Ally member the Party Leader)


  • ! -> shout in Whole Channel
  • # -> to speak while in Party Channel
  • % -> to speak in Guild Channel guild
  • $ -> shout in Ad(vertise) Channel
  • ‘ -> to speak while in Siege
  • “Player_name -> will whisper / PM someone

Miscellaneous (ALT + T)

  • /sit /stand
  • /assist
  • /PKon /PKoff
  • /walk /run
  • /ride /unride
  • /shop
  • /trade


  • /position (note: this is a remote command, it have its best use if you find a bug in-game, where you can e-mail Gala-net and give the coordinates, along with a screenshot if needed)