Guild member appreciation event

As I guess we are all more than aware, guild activity is not exactly at it’s best – yet some of us are still here and holding out for better times.

We also have a guild bank that, while not extremely rich, isn’t exactly empty either.

Currently we have about 12b Rupees, a mediocre collection of arena pieces and potions, a nice amount of GMFB, some teardrops, some empty and tamed pets (including up to t5 pets, but no soulpets at the moment) and lots of other stuff that the one or other guildmember might consider useful.

Therefore I was thinking we may as well use these things in order to say “thank you” to all those who are still with us.

My current approach would be that anyone who feels like there might be something along the lines of “always wanted to have but was never willing to spend cash on it” should write their wishes here – and then we’ll see what we can do about it.

Examples that you won’t need to bother with: Belt WD, Belt Drillbot, +20 Gears and other things slightly to expensive especially when considering that ideally everyone gets something.

To give a rather practical example of things that would fit perfectly well: Gavriil mentioned not having any vit tds in her gear, instead she has been using polished stones for quite a while. While this specific example is now fixed already anyway, it might give you an idea where this is going.

Stuff you might want to ask for: Soulstones, Arena Consumables, CS Consumables (within reason), T3-T5 pets (probably not soulpets), Skillcards.

Also I wouldn’t mind using some of what we have for guild events, assuming someone has suggestions that we can make happen with tolerable effort ;-)

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