Taming Rates T1-T6

Taming Rates

Source of the image: Arab Servers, tested by one of their GMs WAY back. According to my long-term-tame-stats, it seems to be a fairly accurate aproximation of what we really have.

Derived from that, the following formula for taming rates can be used:
Unique: 1% + 0.07% * skill + 0.04% * card
Special: 1.51% + 0.104% * skill + 0.06%*card
Rare: 2% + 0.14% * skill + 0.08% * card
Special Basic: 7% + 0.49% * skill + 0.28% * card
Basic: 25% + 1.75% * skill + 1% * card
NPC Basic: fuq you.

Kinda lazy right now, but I may add a calculator for any given rarity, card and skill level at some point… for all those that consider maths something impossibly hard ;-)

Also this means my level 14+5 taming gives me an impressive 2.18% taming chance on death tyrants, wds or arena pet.

Even assuming the best believable interpretation of the summoning scrolls adding +50%, that would most likely be “half again”, so 3.27%… yay, totally likely I’ll go 2/5 on drillbots if I try, right?

2 thoughts on “Taming Rates

  1. Bahl

    It’s all about luck any way ;) When I used the compensation Free-Pro on a r4 sb with taming scrolls, I went 1/2 on the field drill boss, 1/1 on an unique with summon scroll and 1/3 on baphos. I tried for a WD after (without Free-Pro) and got 1/3 of those as well. I was shocked and thought they might have fixed taming or at the least messed up the taming scolls. So 2/5 might indeed be possible ;)

    I’ve used the Free-Pro codes on all the accounts I had and probably a bit more new slave accounts than I will ever level. I also had a lot of regular Tpro in my WH + some sets from the vip passes on all sorts of arena pets. It did help that both drillbot and undine didn’t have the ridiculous 1 hour respawn and parked toons at various bosses. They are a bit easier to find alive on Uni. It is a bit of guess work, but I think I was around 7/220ish. Almost half of those tamed in the first 6.

    I used about 15 summon scrolls and all the tries were with tame scrolls. Tamed no undines at all, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. Drills went a lot better, but it might have helped that I was using a +7 on those. I’m not sure if you have similar stories about never taming in the rain, but I tamed 2 of my drills there so I’m not overly worried.

    The first drillbot I got took me a over 50 tries, most of those with summon scrolls at the level 10+7 taming. I also failed 300$ worth of drillbots and t-pro for a guildie and about a hundred tries with summon scrolls for others at 10+7. So I wouldn’t suggest spending more on them than you can easily miss. 2/5 is a great aim :)


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