Guild Bank: State, Plans & Call for Suggestions

Current content of the guild bank account

Our Guild Bank mentioned here currently has about 150 million rupees from the duration we owned m1.

It also has the following items available:

  • an extensive collection of beltsets (pretty much every item for every beltset at least once)
  • some primal/careful/frantic gears for different classes to get people started on new alts (not much so far)
  • a mid-sized collection of rapid gears (most of it r7 t1-t3 temple set items I got dropped on farming Ilrois)
  • a stack of pretty much every relevant polished soulstone (no pierce/ignore/blockdef ones)
  • level 140 movement speed / critpower / vitality soulstones
  • an assortment of level 20-120 soulstones of varying rarity (with a tendency to combine non-epics in stacks of 10)
  • a small collection of basic teardrop soulstones [see below]
  • some r7 defense cubes to enchant excessive gears at some point and offer better starting gears to new toons
  • one small quilted bag (the rest is used by the banks toons)
  • some basic lootpets (non-boss ones from login events and coupons mostly)
  • a few r7 t2 temple set devouring/ruthless items, including a +8 mage armor with stones ranging from 140 epic to teardrops socketed in them
  • primal/frantic/decisive boar’s rings
  • careful/frantic/intense/decisive ghost’s rings
  • some blue- and red pixies low staged
  • lots of skillcards for lots of classes, many +3 and higher
  • stuff I forgot or just missed out on when writing the list
  • … whatever any of you decide to donate to it or give in exchange for what you take?

Where the bank gets stuff from

The biggest share of the current content of the guild bank account comes from me (Alex) donating it. Hopefully over time I will be able to instead say “us” at this point and have to many names involved to list them here.
Essentially, if you don’t need it, feel to lazy to sell it and don’t need the essences from dismantling it either, feel free to trade it to the bank. Of course useful gear will be appreciated much more than pure dismantle- and durafood.

And then taking things from the bank is best for all, when you are giving something of equal, comparable or higher value in return for the items you get.

Also While this approach may not be the standard one, we won’t distribute dungeon money, but will instead try to use it to buy things that will be needed by guild members on a regular basis for making alts, changing gearsets/rebirthing or improving on their equipments, which will then be distributed on a per-need-basis.

How do I get stuff now?

A possible approach to distribution of items from the guild bank.

Just ask for it, but do it properly.

If there is an item in the guild bank you believe should go to you, because you either need it or believe you can give something of appropriate value in return, even in case you just really want to have something, you write a request for the item(s) in question that should contain the following information:
– item(s) you want
– reason why you want said item(s)
– item(s) or rupees you are willing to give in return for it

Obviously selling the stuff off on the auction house right away is not considered a valid reason for giving you anything at all.
And of course you can always pm me, gavriil, toothy or inso ingame and just ask for an item there – but even then you will be expected to post a pro-forma-request here for everyone to see, in order to discourage misuse of guild resources.


  • If you are poor and just returned from getting hacked, free primal gears won’t be an issue, but when fortuna shines on you again, don’t forget who helped you get back on your feet and consider donating what you can spare so other guildies in trouble will have the same kind of support.
  • For every (rare/polished) soulstone you take, consider donating 1-10m cash as a token of appreciation for the service. It’s probably nowhere near what you’d pay on buying them and will be another step for us to grow in strength.
  • The same obviously is appreciated on gears taken from the bank, especially when you can’t afford any donations of an appropriate value for the item taken.
  • Teardrops will only be given out in exchange for other teardrops. P.Pierce and P.ignore teardrops do not count (and you can have them for free if there are any, too). For Teardrop Guardian Stones 2 other stones should be donated to reflect the ratio of availability. For Teardrop blur- or annihilation stones, if the bank happens to get some, just go with the standard procedure and make an offer you consider fair on the guild and affordable for you.

Where to request?

I will sooner or later add a better request system to the site – for now just post your requests as comment to this post.

Making suggestions

I don’t like what you’re doing and know how to make it better (or maybe just want to tell you how much you rock)

Feel free to post suggestions for improvement, random opinions and emotional statements on having a system like this or even reasons why we should do something else entirely as comments to this post.

requests and suggestions to the guild bank.

  1. Bahl

    You mentioned suggestions Alex, but I’m not sure if i can make any that would fit your guild. I’m used to a very different server and guild. My guild is more like a tight group of friends that never actively recruited and turns down all random people asking to join. We only ever invite people that we dp with often and only if they ask.

    To give you an example of what my guild is like, during last xp event the price of 151+ gp about doubled. Instead of the 2-250m, some people were asking 4-500 for them. I saw a guildie wanting to buy them in wc and suggested borrowing him some that he could return when they dropped in price in gc. He replied that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to since he needed 20. I said it was fine with me and another guildie made the same offer and suggested to trade him instead since he had much more of them. We ended up splitting them 10 each and got them returned this week.

    With the sb / vm ban some people donated unused slaves to guild for guild parties. I’m not sure if that falls into the “allowed” category where you would only not get stuff returned if they ever got hacked, but it is useful for sure. If you are considering this you probably want to make it available for people at x or higher rank.

    We used to have gear and card donations a long time ago in a previous guild. It was one of the things I ended asap since it took up far more time than I considered decent to ask of people. People still pass stuff to others for free or at discount prices, but that isn’t enforced or expected.

    We did make an agreement back in the days when cube came out that nobody would sell any gear they got in guild parties outside of the guild as long as anybody in guild needed it. It worked extremely well. Guildies got the best gear for free or at very cheap prices, the unwanted junk sold for loads back then and people with less funds used the cash made from it to in enhancing their gear. So even the poor people in guild managed to +20 their gear and the ones that already had some +20s made some more for pets, alts or spend it on other things. All of it led to a very strong and rich guild and our guild DPs got faster and more profitable. But this mix of anti capitalism inside guild coupled with market domination outside of guild works best if you have a tight group of friends on a small server.

    We tried the same for underground, but that didn’t really work well. To many classes were ill suited for it and the boss summons were sometimes nasty. A lot of people didn’t want to go there. It became so much easier in part 3, but it isn’t really a party thing. You get much more drops if you go there with the fewest number of people you need to handle it safely. Adding more is nice for a guild activity, but 4 duos doing level 3 or 4 would beat a full party going 4 almost always. There will be big differences in how much time they take for a run in those and some might not be able to do them. A shame really that full parties are that lame in UG.

    Not sure if you have tons of ug gear now. I made a mule account for mine and put gloves on an UGgloves toon etc etc. I am considering organising them differently since it is so much work to look through all of them. Ideally I would split them down per class, but I might settle for helmets, patk based, matk based, hybrid, pet and best used for broken dura.

    We used to pass half price ss to those guildies that signed up for it with the surplus siege money. At some point the amount of rupees from the dungeon stopped being enough to supply pieces and hardly was enough to keep up half price ss. I tend to just keep it myself and do lak runs very infrequently. When I do them I keep wondering if I should continue doing so since it takes so much time. I don’t think it really gains more rupees (with hv and +10 necklace) than you would get by spending the time farming. But then again, that is on a drop server.

    If you have spare cash and want to flood something back into guild events tend to be a nice way of doing so. Hide and seek is sort of common, but it got a bit old. I like race ones more. Not sure if you still own m1, have an alliance with a slave guild with a lot of spots or have enough of them in moderated. If you do, you might like a race of freshly made level1s from m1 to rondo. They tend to be sort of frustrating what can add to the fun. I also like the chicken race type ones. Tame a poultry (or any specific pet), summon it and keep it summoned and go to some spot. If it isn’t level 1 when you get to the spot you are disqualified. I’m sure you guys can come up with cool events and a good set of rules for them if you want to go in that direction.

  2. Leja

    Any collection off Underground Armor in there? I would be interested in using a set on my WK in place of the MC set I’m currently using.

    I would be interested in pieces with purple numbers giving: P.Acc/M.Acc, Vit/HP/Pdef, Str/P.atk and having extra stone spots would be awesome….

    I got tons of crap in WH that I never touch for trade or donation.

    1. Solar

      What kind of gears are you looking for? I have quite a bit. Actually probably just going to give everything to the bank cause I’m to lazy to sell it lol

  3. GrimmJ0W

    well i will add some gears/skill cards when i get back from school too, i should be listening to my teacher but here i am :P, let me know if u guys have some archer/mm and evoker/bm skill cards ;)

  4. Gavriil

    Silairon Earrings x1
    Primal, Decisive and Ghostly MC Necklaces x1/e

    Endairon Earrings x1
    Primal Summoner Gloves x1

    From Bank to Rehn.

    +3 Cleric Skill Cards (Oracle and Cardinal) x13
    +1 Arctic Black TP Skill Card x2


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