Guild bank

Guild Bank created

We now have a guild bank account with separate toons for the collection of skillcards (one per race), soulstones and other stuff.
It is planned to use this account to support guild members in creating new alts or boosting the power of existing actively played toons.
In order to do this, the money gained from owning a dungeon (once we do) will go there, but of course any donations will also help the cause.

Toons on the account are the following

  • Moderated – collects everything that doesn’t fit on one of the others
  • ModeratedStones – Soulstones of all kinds
  • ModeratedAsura – Asura Skillcards
  • ModeratedGaia – Gaia Skillcards
  • ModeratedDeva – Deva Skillcards
  • ModeratedRapid – Running gears

Getting stuff from the bank

If you need anything listed to be on the guild bank or have a request you hope may be available there, pm me or one of the other officers ingame – for the time being, however, there isn’t much of a collection yet.
For teardrop soulstones it will usually be expected for you to give one for every one you take (e.g. you have an STR Teardrop but need a DEX, you give the STR and take the DEX).
Other gears and skillcards it would be nice, if you consider donating some cash or other gears/skillcards in return for what you get – however, there are no set prices and if you are poor and have an actual need for something, you can probably get it for free.

Renting stuff from the bank

It is planned to have a collection of gear suitable to “powerlevel” alts from r1 to MC. Once that is prepared, you will be able to rent these gears for a low fee (goes to the bank, not to me!)

Taking loans

While taking guild loans may be possible sooner or later, currently the bank doesn’t have any money to give out yet.

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