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Taming Rate Calculator

Taming rate: select rarity, taming level and +card to show your chance of success.

Chance of success:

May not be entirely accurate for soulpets (lacking sufficient data there) and I am fairly sure creature taming scrolls always count as 20+0 and ignore your card (but not entirely sure, I’m afraid).

Taming Rates T1-T6

Taming Rates

Source of the image: Arab Servers, tested by one of their GMs WAY back. According to my long-term-tame-stats, it seems to be a fairly accurate aproximation of what we really have.

Derived from that, the following formula for taming rates can be used:
Unique: 1% + 0.07% * skill + 0.04% * card
Special: 1.51% + 0.104% * skill + 0.06%*card
Rare: 2% + 0.14% * skill + 0.08% * card
Special Basic: 7% + 0.49% * skill + 0.28% * card
Basic: 25% + 1.75% * skill + 1% * card
NPC Basic: fuq you.

Kinda lazy right now, but I may add a calculator for any given rarity, card and skill level at some point… for all those that consider maths something impossibly hard ;-)

Also this means my level 14+5 taming gives me an impressive 2.18% taming chance on death tyrants, wds or arena pet.

Even assuming the best believable interpretation of the summoning scrolls adding +50%, that would most likely be “half again”, so 3.27%… yay, totally likely I’ll go 2/5 on drillbots if I try, right?

Siege times

Next siege for dungeon is at [assuming your timezone is GMT].

Ingame /commands

Ingame /commands [to be entered in chat]


  • /add_denial $name (adds person to blocklist)
  • /add_friend $name (adds person to friendlist)


  • /pcreate $NAME (creates Party)
  • /pinvite $nick (invites a Player)
  • /pkick $nick (kick the specific Player)
  • /ppromote $nick (changes Party-Leader)
  • /pdestroy (terminates a Party)

Guild & Alliance


  • /ginvite $nick (invites Player to Guild)
  • /gkick $nick (kick the specific Player from Guild)
  • /gpromote $nick (changes Guild-Leader)
  • /gdestroy (terminates Guild)


  • /gainvite NAME (invites a Guild to the Alliance)
  • /gakick NAME (kick a Guild from the Alliance)
  • /galeave (leave Guild from the Alliance)
  • /gadestroy (terminates an Alliance)


  • /screate NAME (create Siege Party – must be Guild Master and have a Time Attack applied)
  • /sinvite_gp $nick (create another Siege Party by making your Guild member the Party Leader)
  • /sinvite_hp $nick (create another Siege Party by making your Guild Ally member the Party Leader)


  • ! -> shout in Whole Channel
  • # -> to speak while in Party Channel
  • % -> to speak in Guild Channel guild
  • $ -> shout in Ad(vertise) Channel
  • ‘ -> to speak while in Siege
  • “Player_name -> will whisper / PM someone

Miscellaneous (ALT + T)

  • /sit /stand
  • /assist
  • /PKon /PKoff
  • /walk /run
  • /ride /unride
  • /shop
  • /trade


  • /position (note: this is a remote command, it have its best use if you find a bug in-game, where you can e-mail Gala-net and give the coordinates, along with a screenshot if needed)