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M1 Impending Siege 03/15


With an attack time of 2 minutes 38 seconds and no other challengers it is expected we will be sieging Relics of Arid Moonlight 1 this weekend against the “AlianzaElite” alliance headed by Alewolf.

This is the same dungeon we owned previously before welcoming “Charm” and “ShadesOfDarkness” into our alliance (cleverly called: Locked ;D) and is not expected to be a difficult siege. The challenge will be destroying their rock as fast as possible and perhaps making sure none of them make it through to our rock as well since the things are so weak.

Maximum number for M1 siege is 16 people, but everyone should try to make it out there as it also helps give us an idea of who may be available to take on larger dungeons in the future. You can find out what time the siege will be by using this which WarlordAlexander put together for us.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!