Rules & Regulations

Guild Rules

  1. You don’t need to be fully +25 geared to join (don’t think any of us is). But if you aren’t prepared to improve on both gearset and gameplay, consider joining another guild.
  2. If you make mistakes, we will tell you. And expect you to learn from them or give us a good reason why you won’t.
  3. The leaders wife is a crazy btch. She will chaperone everyone and write reminders for everything. Feel free to blocklist her, but insulting her may get you kicked.
  4. Gavriil belongs to toothy, keep your hands off.
  5. If you know you will be inactive, tell us. If you don’t, expect to be kicked after a few weeks. When you return and we have free slots left, you can get a reinvite.
  6. No guild drama. If you can’t get along, feel free to block those you can’t stand. Make it the problem of everyone and you will be kicked.
  7. No PK drama. If you drag hori field into our dungeon parties, expect a gkick.
  8. Official guild chat language is english.
  9. Official teamspeak server language is english, but there is a german channel and channels for other languages spoken by guild members will be opened when requested by 2+ members of the guild.
  10. This guild is not a democracy.

Guild Ranks

Guild Ranks are listed from top to bottom, lowest number is the highest rank, as defined by Rappelz-doesn’t-let-us-do-it-any-other-way.

  • Officers
    1. 2nd in Command
      is the 2nd in Command. Obey her of your own free will or expect to serve her in chains o.O
    2. Recruitment
      The Recruitment department has the power to invite players to the guild and inherits the powers of rank 4 and below, except for promotion.
    3. Human Resources
      The Human Resources department has the power to kick players from the guild and inherits the powers of rank 4 and below, except for promotion.
  • Rank and File
    1. Guardian
      As a valiant fighter for our prosperity and a loyal member of the guild any Guardian has proven to be worthy of that name.
    2. Asset
      Risen below the basic rank, if you earn this title you have shown to be an asset to the guild and worthy of it’s gratitude and assistance.
    3. Footsoldier
      Anyone starts here… but there is always hope to rise up to greater glory (and to earn the right to work harder yet).

As seen above, the Ranks in our guild are divided into the rank & file Ranks, ranging from ranks 6 to 4 and the officers, which are ranging from ranks 3 to 1.

For Rank and File, the progression into higher ranks is fairly simple: all you need to do is prove you’re a good player, willing and able to learn, loyal to the guild (at least try to have a party with us occasionally and show up to sieges once in a while if you can), and you will rise up in rank almost automatically.
As a sign of trust, you will eventually be promoted from a mere footsoldier to an asset of the guild, once you have prove that is what you are, earning the right to start time attacks (and the responsibilty not to mess up our siege chances by doing so randomly).
When you don’t just prove your worth in parties and sieges alike, but show true devotion to the prosperity of the guild, you will inevitably rise above your peers once more, earning the trust to be able to judge your former pears and promote others up to your own rank, giving you the chance to prove your judgement, should you wish to become an officer one day.

While officers have the means to invite or remove players to and from the guild, to organize sieges as well as time attacks, those powers are given to them for a very specific set of reasons, more a noble burden than a sign of superiority.
Most of the time, officers will be expected to be a good example to everyone else, to adhere to the rules even stricter than would be expected of a member of the rank and file, while gaining nothing but the trust to do so in return.
Where it is necessary, the human resources department and the 2nd in command have the ability to kick players from the guild, where talking is not enough to solve an issue anymore and the guild master can not be waited for to take care of it himself.
They are expected to use this power calm and rationally, driven by the will to do what is best for the guild as a whole, not by emotion.
If they have to use the power to remove players from the guild, they are also required to explain to the person removed why this was necessary, giving him a fair chance to learn from his mistakes, even if he is beyond probation with us.
Where possible, this task is to be left to the guild master, but on some occasions quick action may be required, since we cannot tolerate scammers and rupee spammers using our name to sneak up on future victims.

Officers of Recruitment, as well as the second in command, are given the assignment and ability to, in accordance to the rules and coordination with the guild master, invite new players to the guild, as well as having the ability to register new recruits on forums, once their application has been accepted.
Much like with the powers of Human Resources, they are expected not to misuse this power, but instead to make sure it is used to the best of the guild.
Sometimes that means a friend they know won’t be able to adhere to the rules of the guild will not be invited, even though the decision may not be an easy one.
For this reason, an officer of this assignment is expected to leave the final decision to the guild master where possible, while also telling him openly about any objections against or unexpected reasons speaking for a possible new recruit they might have.